Ash Tree Wellness-15Meet Ashley Warren

Ashley uses intuition and creativity to apply her gifts to her clients’ needs. Her formal training and education includes a BA in psychology and English, training in music and dance, eight years as a Nia Technique Instructor, and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine.

The daughter of a real estate agent, Ashley grew up visiting or living in lots of different houses. From an early age her mother encouraged her to help design, organize, and decorate her personal spaces as well as give input on the design of the entire home.

The integration of this early experimentation, along with the study of dance, honed her ability to analyze a living space and organize it according to the inhabitants’ movement patterns. As she developed this practical knowledge, her more magical abilities developed, too.

In 2002 a back and knee injury ended Ashley’s dance career, and she began searching for forms of wellness that would help her deal with chronic pain in a natural way. While at a conference, she met a shaman who acted as a catalyst for Ashley’s spiritual awakening. After ten years of studying and developing her intuitive gifts in private, Ashley began offering her services to the public in 2016.