Learn More About Yourself

Learn More About Yourself

Through a spiritual and intuitive reading

Ash Tree Wellness offers spiritual and intuitive readings to people hoping to gain a better understanding of themselves and their personal destinies. Similar to having your tarot cards read, this 30-minute process may illuminate current and future details about your family, intimate relationship, career and more. Just think of the questions you want to ask, then pay a visit to Ashley Warren.

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Ash Tree Wellness’s Ashley Warren offers spiritual and intuitive readings with practical applications. Through her readings, you’ll be empowered for a more mindful lifestyle. Ashley creates individualized spreads using a combination of goddesses, archetypes, colors, chakras, sacred symbols and other things.

Choose from the following options:

  • 30-minute reading for $35
  • 45-minute reading for $50
  • 60-minute reading for $65
  • 30-minute reading with written summary for $45
  • 60-minute reading with written summary for $80

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