Do You Want Harmony in Your Home?

Do You Want Harmony in Your Home?

Make an appointment with Ash Tree Wellness

Ash Tree Wellness’s Ashley Warren uses unique strategies to help her clients achieve harmony in their homes. She’ll help you declutter, reorganize and rearrange your belongings. Her work is ideal for:

  • Growing families.
  • New homeowners or residents.
  • People who want to downsize.
  • People who are seeking simplicity.
  • People who want to increase their abundance.

Begin with an assessment

You’ll begin your collaboration with Ash Tree Wellness’s Ashley Warren with a $75 initial assessment of your home. Ashley will interview your family and take a closer look at your home. Through this process, she’ll gain a better understanding of the job ahead. She’ll ask about your:

  • Daily living patterns.
  • Most frequented rooms.
  • Goals for the organizing process.

Following the assessment, Ashley Warren will provide you with a free estimate for the organization project based on the project's scope and desired timeline. Her future visits to your home will cost $55 per hour. Contact Ash Tree Wellness to request an appointment.